Mar 10, 2016

Street Photography2Yesterday we went and hung out with some of our photographer friends on the (extremely soggy) streets of Manchester. We went around a few areas of the city in groups and parted ways (I went with James as I would have DEFINITELY gotten lost) to generally shoot the streets, no particular goal in mind, just to shoot and have fun! I won’t lie, I was TOTALLY uncomfortable not being in my usual comfort zone of doing a pre-wedding or wedding shoot. Yes, at a wedding pretty much everyone there is usually a stranger but at least the people there have an understanding that you’re there to take photographs of them. (Usually) no risk of a punch in the face there! Having said that, nobody really noticed me photographing them yesterday, everyone is far too busy caught up with their own manic life to notice being papped! Doing this type of shooting made me think of my photography and the way I shoot in a totally different way, I’m definitely going to adapt the way I shot on the streets to weddings, it’ll be interesting to see the results! Oh and we went to the bloody amazing Cain and Grain (pics of what I ate below) If you are in to ribs, burgers and filthy side orders (such as truffle mac and cheese) then you must go!
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  1. Stanisz Patryk

    Street photography is not easy! I can say is more difficult than weddings! 🙂

    • F

      Oh yes, I 100% agree with that Stanisz!

  2. Adams

    Very well done, some really interesting moments captured.

    • F

      Thank you so much Adam!


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