Sandon Hall Wedding Photography – Nicola & Matt

Dec 2, 2015

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Sandon Hall Wedding Photography – Nicola & Matt; Nicola enquired about us photographing her and Matt’s wedding via text message, and somehow we just clicked straight away. I’d say the ice breaker may have been when I sent her the poo face emoticon by accident! We laaaaaaaughed. But wow, what a wedding day it was. Nicola and Matt, and their family and friends made us feel so welcome and a part of the wedding party all day long, from the meal we shared with the party the night before the wedding, until partying late into the evening at this incredible country house.

Sandon Hall is an imposing country house nestled in the Staffordshire countryside, and from it’s grand gateway all the way through to the tiniest details, is a dream to explore and photograph. The grounds are vast, and with a truly exclusive feel throughout, the overall experience of Sandon Hall is more that of a private country club than a typical venue. The grand panelled staircase in the hallway, the library where the ceremony was held, and the drawing room with hand-painted Grade 1 Listed Chinese wallpaper blew us away from the minute we arrived. The grounds with the highly landscaped classical gardens offer a huge array of areas to explore, and Sandon Hall is truly a place we would love to return as wedding photographers in all seasons.

I just LOVED the Bridal prep area at Sandon Hall, not like your average hotel room with it’s vintage wallpapers and antiques everywhere you look. It was the wedding photographer’s dream! The ceremony was beautiful with not a dry eye in the house and then the celebrations began! We sat amongst the wedding guests for the wedding breakfast (the food was UNBELIEVABLE!) and at our table was one of our fab previous Bride and Grooms. The guys organised a day to remember and despite it piddling down, that didn’t put a dampener on things. There was croquet (i’m not entirely sure people were playing by the rules!) acoustic jamming on the lawn, and later on Nicola and Matt booked a surprise for during the wedding breakfast – singing waiters! They were blummin’ brilliant, and the expressions on people’s faces once they’d realised the guys who had served them all the way through the wedding breakfast were actually the entertainment, priceless. They carried on entertaining us into the evening as the party really got started – I could babble some more but i’ll let the pictures do the speaking for me.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Park for the unbelievable day, here are your highlights xxx

Nicola & Matt1Nicola & Matt2Nicola & Matt4Nicola & Matt11Nicola & Matt15Nicola & Matt17Nicola & Matt19Nicola & Matt29Nicola & Matt32Nicola & Matt36Nicola & Matt39Nicola & Matt44Nicola & Matt47Nicola & Matt48Nicola & Matt52Nicola & Matt55Nicola & Matt56Nicola & Matt61Nicola & Matt63Nicola & Matt64Nicola & Matt67Nicola & Matt69Nicola & Matt73Nicola & Matt76Nicola & Matt77Nicola & Matt78Nicola & Matt79Nicola & Matt80Nicola & Matt82Nicola & Matt83Nicola & Matt84Nicola & Matt85Nicola & Matt86Nicola & Matt87Nicola & Matt88Nicola & Matt89Nicola & Matt90Nicola & Matt91Nicola & Matt92Nicola & Matt93Nicola & Matt94Nicola & Matt95Nicola & Matt96Nicola & Matt97Nicola & Matt98Nicola & Matt99Nicola & Matt100Nicola & Matt101Nicola & Matt102Nicola & Matt103Nicola & Matt104Nicola & Matt118Nicola & Matt112Nicola & Matt115Nicola & Matt117Nicola & Matt124Nicola & Matt134Nicola & Matt129Nicola & Matt138Nicola & Matt145Nicola & Matt144Nicola & Matt147Nicola & Matt148Nicola & Matt149Nicola & Matt150Nicola & Matt151Nicola & Matt146Nicola & Matt157Nicola & Matt154Nicola & Matt158Nicola & Matt159Nicola & Matt160Nicola & Matt161Nicola & Matt162Nicola & Matt163Nicola & Matt164Nicola & Matt166Nicola & Matt165Nicola & Matt167Nicola & Matt168Nicola & Matt169Nicola & Matt170Nicola & Matt171Nicola & Matt172Nicola & Matt173

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Flowers by Hevanscent –

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