Sitting looking at the Cumbrian landscape waiting for Jake to arrive at Park House Barn, we experienced true tranquility. The only sounds were from distant birds and animals. Park House Barn began it’s transformation into Karis & Jake’s wedding venue.

Park House Barn Wedding Photography | We met Karis getting ready in a cute little boutique hotel down the road. Katie captured the morning right up until Karis getting in to an Aston Martin to be taken to the venue. Jake took care of the last few details, guests started to arrive and add to the laid-back atmosphere. There were quirky little personal touches everywhere.  Loads of dinosaurs and other animals as place holders, palm leaves, rustic touches – we loved it all!

Later, we were treated to the most incredible sunset. Karis and Jake were super laid-back, and were more than up for a sunset stroll through the countryside with us and our cameras. We captured some gorgeous portraits for them in the golden light before heading home; what an amazing place and truly incredible day!

We LOVE laid-back weddings full of personality, and if you’re planning your own, you might benefit from some of Karis & Jake’s top tips:

‘Do whatever you want! Just because it’s traditional or expected of you don’t feel like you have to do it! We chose Mexican food as we both hate roast dinners so wanted something we would actually enjoy ! Same goes with the grooms attire, Jake feels uncomfortable in a suit so went for something more casual.’

We asked Karis and Jake to share a few of their notes mid-planning process for the Park House Barn wedding about some of their wedding planning decisions too 🙂

‘We went for our venue as you had complete creative control over it! You get Park House Barn for a few days so can decorate however you like and have any food/music you want. Park House Barn is beautiful and Abi/Emma are amazing at answering any questions and helping with anything! We wanted a bit of a tropical theme to the wedding but to be honest there’s not much theme and more just what we wanted without feeling like we had to stick to a theme! We have a lot of hand made things at the wedding which makes it a lot more special such as the seating plan which was hand painted by a friend’

Thank you SO much to everyone at the wedding, you truly made us feel like family and we had an awesome time with you all.

Scroll for the blog of images from their Park House Barn wedding photography. Don’t forget to check out that stunning sunset at the end!

If you’re planning a wedding at Park House Barn, please can we come too?? Send us an owl here to check our availability for wedding photography and videography, and let’s talk 🙂

Thanks to the suppliers who helped to make the day so special:

Venue: Park House Barn 

Flowers: Posh Flowers 

Dress: Reformation 


Park House Barn wedding photography

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