Lytham St Annes Beach Pre Wedding Photography – Rachel & Sean

May 9, 2018

This amazing pair have their wedding VERY soon – EXCITING!! As soon as we heard there are going to be donkeys with bowties, and a guest appearance by Llamas and Alpacas, we nearly had kittens. We just hope they’re not wanting too many pictures of people, because we’ll totally be hanging out with the animals most of the day 😀

So, Rachel & Sean drove over to see us in our home town of Lytham St Annes. We love the seaside, and we have our own little beach around five minutes from home. We also have a beautiful and iconic Victorian pier building which we can see from our town square. That we have seen almost every day for the past thirty years. And never photographed. Not even once. It’s a shame you seem to get institutionalised to local beauty; so we’re trying our very hardest to see everything with fresh eyes, to do the things at home that we would when exploring somewhere new. Today was the day – that pier building was getting photographed no matter what.

We started the shoot with a stroll along the beach. The light was soft and pretty, the wind wasn’t too horrific, in contrast to the previous couple of days.

It had been raining for the entire day leading up the shoot, but the last of the drizzle subsided as we met and started to walk along the sand.

We’d been out to where the sand gets a little too wet for comfort, we’d scaled the sand dunes, and we’d walked back to our starting point. We were about to gear up for one last shot – and the sun came out from beneath the shoot of cloud for a few brief moments – a total surprise to everyone.

We rushed back on to the sand, making the most of that glorious golden light. And then we geared up to shoot that pier building. It took a lot of effort, teamwork, and fumbling with our cold hands, but we got there. Thirty-odd years after it should have been, we’ve finally got a shot of a local landmark building, and some amazing moments with this awesome couple.

Check out what we got up to on the beach by scrolling or hitting play below 🙂

[flo_video] [/flo_video]

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