Bea and Charles’ micro wedding in Liverpool was absolutely wonderful to be part of.

And talk about a build up! These two had their plans postponed more than a handful of times due to the pandemic. So, when it finally came around in December 2020, we couldn’t wait to come and shoot for them. From the first chats we had (over zoom of course!) we just knew we’d get along. These guys are the bubbliest friendliest people going. And, as fellow Harry Potter nerds it was a match meant to be. We love you Bea and Charles!! 

We photographed and filmed from the ceremony at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, until after dark.

It was a contender for the wettest day of the year, but (terrible pun alert) this didn’t dampen their spirits one bit (not even sorry for that one!). Their ceremony had some of the best personal vows we’ve ever heard. There really wasn’t a dry eye in the house. They even live streamed their ceremony to their families in the Philippines so they could be part of the day. 

After the ceremony, attended by a small group of their nearest and dearest friends who also performed readings, walked Bea down the aisle, and tended to last minute makeup checks, we headed off around the cathedral for some portraits. We loved the architecture of the cathedral. And we wanted to use some of the less obvious parts of it to make some portraits. So, we headed round the side where we could overlook some of the city. Bea and Charles laughed, cried, and danced in the rain as we made some pictures for them. As it went dark, we headed off to the Albert Dock. It’s always beautifully lit at night, and we hoped the rain would break. It didn’t. It just got worse. And worse. But, we never let an opportunity get away from us. Bea and Charles were more than up for a stroll in the freezing sideways rain, if only for a couple of minutes. 

We finished their wedding soaked to our skins. We were freezing, happy, content, and so grateful to have shared a wonderful day with two of the best people we’ve ever met. Thank you SO much you two, and enjoy the blog :) 

It was great to get in to the city of Liverpool and shoot a micro wedding! If you’re getting married once the lockdown restrictions end, then get in touch, we’d love to have a chat about what photography and film packages we can offer to you. 


Micro Wedding Liverpool Photography

Micro Wedding Liverpool Videography

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