John Rylands Library Pre Wedding Photography – Steph & Steven

Jul 22, 2018

John Rylands Library Pre Wedding Photography – Steph & Steven; One of the places we’ve had on our list to visit for a couple of years now, is the John Rylands Library in Manchester. It’s a beautiful neo-gothic sandstone building with architectural parallels to the iconic Manchester Town Hall just down the road. Including the window designs and the arch profiling in the Reading Room. It’s a true marvel. And surrounded as it is with cosmopolitan glass-and-steel modernity, stands out as a wonder.

John Rylands Library Wedding | Well, today was the day we visited. Steph spent a good deal of time in the John Rylands Library whilst at school, and asked us if we’d fancy popping down to shoot their pre wedding photos there. We thought about it for about half a second, and then said YES! So, we caught up over a brew and then headed into the city. Imagining the library to be a bit of a limited location – how much can you achieve in a library after all? Well, we weren’t prepared for the scale of the place. Vaulted ceilings, three floors of columnated stone staircases, statues, reading nooks, beautiful lighting – it’s really got it all.

We chatted about their wedding plans and got SUPER excited about the little details to come; the Studio Ghibli references, the Cheese Fest and Sausage Fest. And of course the hand-chainsawed centrepieces which we’re sure are going to be just stunning.

What we’ve learned today – shooting in a library comes with it’s own challenges. For example, sometimes we like to back up to really get a sense of scale and impact of the surroundings into our images. And being a bit far away, we then have half-shouted conversations to make little adjustments. Not today! In the pin-drop silence of this essentially working public library, every creak of our shoes and click of our shutters sounded shatteringly loud.

We adapted, working slowly and quietly. Whispering instructions and desperately trying to understand each other’s ad-hoc and totally non-systematic sign-language. Because of all the incredibly thick stone work and surface-mount electrics, our radio-frequency lighting would intermittently stop working. We’ve learned to work in hot, sweaty, muddy, cold, snow, rain, tropical storms, dangerously dilapidated buildings – and now, in total silence.

We can’t thank you enough for introducing us to this wonderful place, and your wedding at Owen House Wedding Barn later this year is going to be nothing short of incredible. Enjoy the blog and can’t wait to see you soon!!

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