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A Boho Chic Rustic Farm and Countryside Wedding in Cheshire

Cheshire Rustic Farm Wedding Photography – Helen & Simon

Nov 5, 2016


A rustic Cheshire farm wedding | We love being invited to photograph weddings at a family home. Especially when that family home is a working farm in the Cheshire countryside, with cows, chickens, and dogs wearing neckerchiefs. At Helen and Simon’s Cheshire Farm wedding, we got all of that and more.

We began at the farm, where Helen was getting ready with family and friends. The marquee in the adjacent field was being given the finishing touches, and everything was coming together for an incredible day. I headed off just down the road to meet Simon and the boys. They were nervously eating breakfast and playing on the Xbox. Meanwhile, Katie was on the way to the ceremony. Hhuddled in the back of a Land Rover Defender 90 and being bounced around, as Helen was feeling the rush of excitement and nerves.

We headed to church in Farndon after getting ready, and after a beautiful ceremony. It was time to see what they’d been working on for the reception. The marquee looked amazing. Details from the hand-illustrated table names, paper feathers. A log-adorned candle-lit entrance passageway was absolutely beautiful, rustic and fit the feel of the wedding perfectly.

Helen and Simon arrived at the reception in style in the Land Rover Defender. We took them out to find some unique parts of the farm for some portraits.

Ever daring, we headed into a shed with some calves to start with. Before heading deeper into the cow shed, to the milking parlour, where the cows were just being herded in for milking. We spent some time around the farm and some gorgeous stone steps leading up to the old hay loft before returning to the party for the wedding breakfast and speeches.

After the wedding breakfast, we popped our head of the marquee to see what the sun was doing. It was setting, fast, and in a spectacular fashion, and on the other side of the farm! We grabbed Helen and Simon, and headed for the back fields as quickly as we could. Into the field we went as the light started to take on the gorgeous summer-evening glow we LOVE. Cows watched on as Helen and Simon spent a little alone time away from the party, and then we headed into the chickens for one last portrait before the evening really got going.

Thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your special day. We loved every moment, and we can’t wait to share the full gallery with you xxx Enjoy the blog you two xxx

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Thanks to the suppliers who helped to make the day so special:

Flowers by Paul Burrell

Dress by Brides of Chester

Hair by Farndon Hair Studio

Venue Flowers by Carol’s Garden

Makeup by The Secret Spa

Stationary by The Foil Invite Company




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