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Feb 6, 2019

Caer Rhun Hall Wedding Photography | Sophie, like me, has a strong connection with Wales, through memories of childhood holidays. I know all too well the feeling of those seemingly lost moments being recalled in an instant, when passing a familiar landmark, a sign, or even a glimpse of that northern Welsh countryside. There really is nothing like it. As we travelled to Sophie & Chris’ wedding at the stunningly beautiful Car Rhun Hall in Conwy, those memories flooded back. 

Sophie and Chris chose Caer Rhun Hall as it’s a place where many family events have happened, including another family wedding. It’s a place with family history, and we can only imagine the amazing feeling of getting to go back to somewhere so dear to get married. 

It’s a beautiful 19th century hall, set in seventeen acres of gardens. Right in the foothills of Snowdonia, it’s not an easy place to find, and therefore provides a wonderful sense of seclusion and privacy unmatched by many wedding venues. We loved it from the moment we arrived. 

We ask all our couples for a little info on how they met, the proposal, and for any wedding planning tips they might have to share with everyone currently planning their wedding. The amount of detail Sophie & Chris went to for this is absolutely amazing. We’ve read their story at least ten times now and we just can’t get enough – these guys are THE CUTEST. They totally win at wedding blogs. 

Sophie’s story. 

‘It all began at the King Edward pub in Blackpool town centre. From across the room, my eyes locked on to a dark handsome stranger; grasping a pint of strongbow, wearing a stylish black, high collared coat, unusally tight jeans and… NOT trainers?? The only man in the room wearing something other than floppy white running shoes was strutting over to join the band of sweaty nerds in MY corner of the room! I couldn’t contain my excitement and bolstered my friends into talking to him and perhaps inviting him to join them in a game. I waited for the right moment and jumped in with a self introduction, claiming that these men were all my friends and that I was completely and utterly, chain-free. Conversation continued and I was ready to find out which one of these he was: taken, gay, a drug dealer, an ex-con, a primary school teacher, or that he secretly always wanted to become a fish.

When none of these things proved to be true I grew more and more excited at the prospect of a new beau. 

He worked for his parents (like me), he moved around alot (like me), he lived in france for 5 years (J’aime bien le francais), he doesn’t like football (so boring), he likes video games like final fantasy (my favourite) he was very pretty and best of all… the accent! I was on cloud nine. From then on, every Monday night I would hop in the mini, scoop up the boys and whizz down to see my new favourite person in our sweaty, nerd filled corner of the King Eddy. If only he were interested in me… He paid next to no attention to me for weeks on end. Some weeks I’d say THAT IS IT I’m giving up! He obviously doesn’t like me and think’s I’m hideous. So I wouldn’t go. But then I asked my friends if he asked about me… and they’d say no. And I would cry….and shout… and then go down again (a bit more dressed up) to see if he’d come over and show a little bit of interest. Which eventually he did! 

Several weeks passed and I tried my best to grab an invitation to see him outside of Nerdville. We exchanged numbers and one weekend I asked what he was up to on Sunday. He said he had a busy schedule cleaning rooms and manning his parent’s hotel… so I asked if he needed any help? He said it would just be cleaning rooms but I was more than welcome to go down. Well. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I wore the top he said he liked that one time and my pale jeans because I had overheard that he thought women suited jeans, that they showed off their legs. 

The next morning I showed up bright and early to help.

He had me cleaning bathrooms and taking bins out, on my hands and knees scrubbing what I hope was curry out of the carpet. Then showing up saying I had done a rubbish job of the bathroom and doing it all again himself… By the end of the day me and my special outfit were all filthy, greasy and sweaty and I was not the happiest of bunnies. Feeling miffed and really ready to give up I flopped in the car to go home. But that’s when it happened. He lent on the open car door and smiled at me. “I really like you, you know.” I was gobsmacked. It worked! All my efforts had paid off! I didn’t have time to assess the words coming out of my mouth and before I knew it… I had asked him for a goodnight kiss… He laughed it off but I was deadly serious and quickly jumped out of the car to prove it. 

I drove home the happiest girl in the world. The next day was Monday, nerd night, and that evening he took me out to the chippy across the road and asked me to be his girlfriend. I tried to act cool and say I’d think about it but I couldn’t pull it off and said yes within the next 30 seconds. For him the relationship had just started but for me, it started the second I saw him from across that old pub. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him, he keeps me going through all the shit I have to wade through. I love him so very much and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather put up with for the next 60 years!’

Chris’ story. 

‘When I first met Sophie I was still working for my parents. I worked 7 days a week but had every Monday evening off.

When I heard of a gaming club I wasn’t expecting on making many friends, and certainly not the love of my life. That was where I met Sophie. At first I have to admit I was pretty oblivious to the fact that she liked me! I was so unused to the attention that it took Sophie weeks to get me to notice her as anything more than a friend. Yet she persivered with me, and I began to love Sophie as much as she did me.

I still remember the first time she came over, I could be so relaxed around her. She was so funny and cute it took me until the very end of the evening to gather a little courage to say; “I really like you, you know?”. And when she wanted me to kiss her my first reaction was nervous laughter… I still remember after she had driven away I did a little happy dance in the hallway.

Sophie turned my life into something far greater that what I could have achieved on my own. I am so lucky to have found her, she truly is the sweetest soul I have ever met. She is kind and thoughtful to everyone around her, even those that she dislikes, and will always help someone in need.

I look forward to spending many more wonderful years more together as husband and wife.’

The Proposal. 

’Twas the Saturday before valentines day. Wearing his cute grey suit and pretty pink shirt, we had had a lovely lie in, a fancy Chinese lunch, he bought us annual passes to the Sealife centre and when we got to the shark tunnel, I turned to find him on one knee. Holding an ice cream cone. But in the novelty felt ring box was my favourite ring from the shop window which I thought had been scrapped weeks ago. I loved it! We went for coffee and cake and I announced it to the world on facebook. On the way home I visited my Grandma and the next day I visited my Nana and Gramps. Auntie Sarah and Uncle Marcus were next and it’s been wedding festivites ever since!’

Wedding planning tips and recommendations. 

‘Go to ALL the wedding fayres. It’s great to see all the diversity and meet all the lovely people. When you meet one nice vendor, chances are they’ll have a few good recommendations for other lovely people in the industry. 

We wanted a day just for us so we picked our favourite location and scrawled for a non-church venue that was still special. Caer Rhun hall is like a mini castle (we love castles) and we were so excited we just booked it on the spot. 

We’re staying in our favourite hotel with our entire family for the whole weekend then getting married on the Monday so it’ll be great to relax in the final days running up to the wedding.

The venue has all its original dark wood features so we knew it would be perfect for an autumn wedding, everyone wrapped up in layers and long sleeves will look lovely next to a roaring fire in the hall. 

The best thing thats happened during the wedding planning was how lovely some people have been.

It’s such a stressful time but when complete strangers get all excited and happy talking about your wedding it gets you excited too! Some people have been so accomodating even when I’ve been so fussy! It’s been nice being understood and made to feel at ease at such a busy, stressful time.

And whoever says small weddings are easier to plan than big ones can go jump off something very tall and land on something very pointy! My advice is all or nothing. Either do the big fancy wedding, bands, harpists, big church, 200 guests, all night disco… or do town hall, nice quiet dinner, 10 or so people and waddle back home after a good night out. The inbetween option is not recommended!’

After such an epic story and some fab advice, we’ll let the pictures tell the story of Sophie & Chris’ day. We know the planning process was super-stressful, but you totally pulled off doing things your own way and didn’t compromise. We love that. Thank you SO much you two for involving us in your big day, and enjoy the blog xxx 

Caer Rhun Hall is one of those true hidden gems that we can’t wait to go back to. If you’re planning a wedding here and need a photographer or videographer, then get in touch here to discuss our availability and packages. 

Thanks to the suppliers who helped to make the day so special: 

Venue Caer Rhun Hall

Hair & Makeup by Debbie Ogden

Car from Go In Luxury

Cake by Emmazing bakes

Venue Styling by Rhian

Harpist by Morwen Blythin


Caer Rhun Hall Wedding Photography




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